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Caiikie began her career very young. She became besides the youngest girl to audition for and participate in a community women’s singing group.

She recently appeared in the TV contest The Voice and has just released a debut single 'Love Again'. For this occasion, Caiikie granted me an interview in which she gets back to her career and speaks about her future projects.


Lezbelib: When and how did you start singing?

Caiikie: I know it sounds a bit cliche, but I started singing the moment I was born. I have so many videos of me singing at the top of my lungs in diapers. As I became older, music and singing were always the common denominator in my life. I began taking professional voice lessons and really dedicating myself to my craft. I performed anywhere and everywhere and for anybody that would listen. It became the only part of life to my that mattered.

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Lezbelib: You auditioned for the TV show 'The Voice', what did this experience bring you?

Caiikie: I did audition and it was quite an experience. I made it to the next round, but didn't go any further because they informed me that my "story" wasn't "good for television". It seemed a little harsh, but it really made me realize that nobody else can or should judge my life and "my story". My story is uniquely mine. It became obvious very quickly that reality television was not the path that was meant for me. The experience forced me to hit the ground harder and focus more intently on forging my own path and dedicating myself to music in my own way.

Lezbelib: You have just released a debut single that personally I adore listening, do you plan to release an EP or a CD soon?

Caiikie: Thank you! I am so excited that you enjoy "Love Again". I have been in the studio recording some other material to prepare to release an EP. I am planning on releasing it in the first quarter of 2014. Be on the lookout!!

Lezbelib: If you had a message to pass what would it be?

Caiikie: I do have a message to pass, that is exactly why I make music. My message is empowerment, acceptance, and freedom of expression. I want everyone that listens to my music to be free to feel their emotions. I want them to feel worthy of taking up space in this world. I want them to dance, to smile, to cry, and to simply be. I really want people to share in my passion for music and the incredible power that it has to bond people in pure beauty.


I did not know Caiikie at all before and I must confess I was surprised by the quality of her first single. She is really a very talented singer. Judge by yourself by listening to her song 'Love Again' available on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-again-single/id669720948):

Twitter: @Caiikie

Facebook: facebook.com/Caiikie

Website: caiikie.com/

Label: 7SeasRecords.com

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