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Melissa A. Kaplan To Launch Her One-Woman Lesbian Circus Indie Pop-Rock Opera

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Daggers MacKenzie





The openly lesbian musician and singer Melissa A. Kaplan offers a journey into the world of the circus in 1894.

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The one that was part of «The Bitchfits», an all-female tribute to "The Misfits", which was a famous all-male punk band, created a one-woman lesbian circus indie pop-rock opera.

Set to music by ten songs produced by Michael Eisenstein, who has worked with the lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge, Melissa A. Kaplan's show tells the story of Emma «Daggers» MacKenzie, a naïve farm girl in 1894 seduced by a charismatic carnival madam into the scintillating world of circus -- and eventually into life as a Wild West outlaw.

The melodies of the songs are just as captivating, with the example of «I Feel Good» and «As Far You Go» (you can also listen to just below) and the lyrics are subtly written by Melissa.

Several performances are scheduled. First, the show will be launched in Los Angeles in Kinetic Theory on July 11 at 8PM, then it will go on to New York for the United Solo Festival on November 6, before Edinburgh in Scotland during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 16 to August 31 at Spotlites Theatre.

Melissa A. Kaplan is not only performing the characters, she created the show from the beginning to the end, from the story to the songs, and beyond the astounding vocal performance of Melissa, we see a real show that mixes music with circus with actual knife juggling which takes your breath away.

For more information and for reservations visit:
Los Angeles - http://www.kinetictheorytheatre.com
New York -
Edinburg -

or the show's website: http://www.daggersmackenzie.com

The soundtrack of the show is currently available on BandcampBandcamp or via a Facebook pageFacebook page.



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