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Singer Karmen Buttler Released Her New Album 'Daze Of Love'

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Karmen Buttler Daze of Love



Karmen Buttler is a young lesbian singer and musician from San Francisco who just released her new album "Daze of Love".

Karmen Buttler

After a debut album in 1999/2000 entitled "Good Alien," Karmen is back this time with an album that has the distinction of having been recorded in 4 days! Believe me, it is a real record. It normally takes several months of recording.

Note that this album is a wonderful collaboration between Karmen and her father Dan who, together, made all 13 tracks of this album. Rick Vargas, TRI studio's audio engineer, then joined to the mixing part.

Between accompaniments on the guitar or on the piano highlighting the beautiful voice of Karmen, "Daze of Love" is an extremely pleasant album to listen and here is a first single:

"Daze of Love" is available on Karmen's website:

 Photo credit: Karmen Buttler

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