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Friday, 01 August 2014 21:45

South Korean New Girls Band Has Released A "Lesbian Themed" Video For Its Debut Song "Move"

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4 ladies


A new all-female band, 4 Ladies, announces its arrival in the world of music with a "lesbian" song.

Who is 4L (Four Ladies)? It is currently the question asked many people around the world but especially in South Korea.

For several months, the group announced its creation with teaser videos on YouTube and recently, the 4L has released the music video for their debut song "Move", which they describe as a lesbian-themed video, but are they really singing in the chorus "Kiss me boy "or" Kiss me move"???

Of course, we still don't know if the band supports the community, or if one or more of its members is part of the LGBT community or if it is simply a business approach. No matter. Any representation of the community in South Korea is welcome. Homosexuality is not illegal but extremely taboo.



Credit: 4 Ladies

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