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Susan Surftone Releases Brand New Single "Up Down And All Around" On October 4, 2016

Written by  Mona Elyafi
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susan surftone up down and all around



Susan Surftone has just announced the release of a brand new single "Up Down and All Around". The track is set to drop on October 4 via CD Baby: (link goes live on the fourth).

The single version dubbed The Rex Mix features some backing vocals from Surftone’s label mate and Grammy friend Mia Moravis. It was engineered and produced by award-winning Rex Studio veteran, Brent Rogers. With over fifteen years of experience working as an engineer and producer in commercial studios in the Portland area and additional years performing as well as playing as a professional musician, Rogers brings original music creation to the forefront at REX.

"I never thought I'd write another song with lyrics until a recent personal experience affected me deeply. I guess those feelings needed a place of expression and I wrote "Up Down And All Around". As with every song with lyrics that I have written I hope I have managed to make the song meaningful to the personal experiences of its listeners. I like to write songs that you should listen closely to at least once....and then dance," says Surftone.

The former FBI agent turned surf-guitarist and singer/songwriter is currently working setting up a series of East Coast gigs in the spring of 2017.

She’s also looking into concerts in LA focusing on getting a live recording - a mix of vocals & instrumentals with the current working title being "Making Waves Again".

Surftone, who plays a mean guitar, made her comeback earlier this summer with her brand new EP, The Magician, and the release of the first single "Blue Moon of Kentucky".

The Magician is a little bit of departure from her old style as it sees Surftone - after recording four instrumental albums- stepping out of her instrumental-rock comfort zone to step in front of the mic and make her debut vocal performance on 3/3 of the songs - including the track "Little Bit Lied To", which she personally penned.

There’s no denying Surftone is one of the most amazing surf/rockabilly guitarists -- certainly one of the industry most underrated.

Early on, she defied convention by learning how to write and perform electric guitar music instead of contenting herself with listening and dancing along (like most other girls) to the day’s big boy bands. Through the years she has always been a strong advocate of encouraging girls to play guitar and start bands, and while she may be a rarity in the genre of surf rock, she certainly now has a prolific discography recorded with her previous bands not to mention her solo albums.

Her story is one of inspiration and motivation positioning her as a role model for many.

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