Results Of A Worldwide Survey On Homosexuality


The Pew Research company recently went and meet people living in 40 different countries to ask them the following question: “Do you personally believe that homosexuality is morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or is it not a moral issue?” Here thus results of this survey.

Let us start with the bad results which, without much surprise, come from the African countries. With 98%, people living in Ghana think that homosexuality is completely immoral. Not very far behind Ghana, one finds Jordan and Egypt with 95%, then Palestine with 94% of unfavorable opinions.

One moves a little more towards Asia where 93% of Indonesian consider homosexuality immoral.

In spite of a law allowing the marriage for LGBT couples, South Africa disapproves to 62% the same-sex relationships. It should be said that South Africa still remains a very dangerous country for the LGBT community.

Very near to the majority but nevertheless in lower part, we find then Israel whose questioned people disapprove homosexuality with 43%.

I acknowledge that I expected a better result of the United States where still 37% disapprove homosexuality (25% judges homosexuality as unacceptable but 35% thinks that is not a moral issue).

Come then Australia (18%), where marriage equality is still not legalized, Great Britain (17%) and Canada (15%).

The podium of the countries which consider less homosexuality as immoral are (drum roll):

In third position, France and Czech Republic, which both have 14% of disapproval! For the latter, it is really a very good surprise. Apparently, mentalities are changing and that really great.

In second position: Germany! The marriage is still not however possible for the same-sex couples. It is time to change that! Here, only 8% of the questioned people find homosexuality morally unacceptable.

Before to announce you the big winner of this survey, I make a point of specifying that, for a completely unknown reason, nobody was questioned in the Scandinavian countries. The Scandinavian countries were the first in the world to legalize marriage equality and one could expect to find them at the head of this survey but the country which considers homosexuality morally acceptable (only 6%) is Spain!