Russia Wants To Block A Measure Providing Benefits To Same-Sex Couples Within The UN



In July 2014, the United Nations (UN), through the voice of its Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, announced the opening of benefits to married same-sex couples, or in a civil union, even though the country or the state in which they live does not recognize them.

Today, Russia tries to block the measure that could benefit 44,000 employees.

A Russian diplomat threatens to force such a vote against a measure which is important and desired by the leaders of the organization in the Budget Committee.

The diplomat believes in fact that the measure on equality between employees of the UN «violates the sovereign rights of member states to determine the legal framework of [the] life of their citizens.»

Jessica Stern (International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission) explained that «[Russia] is looking for any excuse to curtail the UN Secretary-General’s authority.

«It’s no secret that the Secretary-General and Russia have been at cross-purposes over Ukraine and Syria, and the Russians have found the perfect political vehicle for attacking him,» she said.