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Thursday, 08 January 2015 00:35

German Swimmer Theresa Michalak Came Out Via Her Facebook Page

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Theresa Michalak




On the occasion of the new year, the German swimmer Theresa Michalak (on the right) introduced her girlfriend thus making her public coming out.

On vacation on the island of Barbados, European Swimming Champion Michalak shared on her Facebook page a picture of her and her girlfriend added:

“A new year begins ... New resolutions, improvements, objectives, changes[...] Another issue which is very dear to me and in my private life plays an important role, individual orientation of each one in terms of love and for whom it is intended. Still, it is not self-evident and accepted you in love with whom, and especially when it concerns the same sex. I could get to feel in Barbados in recent days. Even though I'm not a superstar, no multiple Olympic champion, or anything in this regard, I hope that I have set an example for some people and listening to me a small percentage of the world. Where the love falls can search for nobody.

In this sense -

Greetings from the island by myself and my partner.

I wish everyone a happy new year,

Your Thea”

Later, she thanked her fans for their support and also added that insults "make her stronger."

"Thank you for the many many messages and comments. We are very happy. Positive and negative feedback also both make me stronger; I think I could help some people," she wrote.

Photo credit: Facebook/Theresa Michalak

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