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The International Olympic Committee Prohibited Discrimination Based On Sexuality In The Olympic Charter

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In October, we expressed our dissatisfaction with the proposal of the International Olympic Committee which included to supposedly protect LGBT athletes against discrimination under the term "other" in the contract between the committee and a city willing to host the Olympic Games. This month, we are satisfied because the IOC has modified an amendment of the Olympic Charter to offer protection based on sexuality.

The IOC has also adopted this amendment unanimously. Discrimination based on "race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality or other" is now prohibited and is part of the Olympic Charter.

By cons, we regret the protection on gender identity that has not been passed.

“The Olympic Movement has now stood up for love and equality by officially recognizing gay, lesbian and bi athletes and fans,” said Andre Banks of the group All Out.

“This gain was made possible because of the global outcry demanding ‘No More Sochis’, including from hundreds of thousands of All Out members.

“We will continue to push to make sure this change is reflected in the selection of new host cities and expanded to include protections for gender identity.”

Openly lesbian Swedish skier Anja Paerson remains suspicious.

“The Olympic Committee had a huge responsibility in Sochi and they didn’t stand up for human right,” she told CNN.

“They were hiding from the difficult questions. I think at that point they made a lot of wrong choices.”

“I think a lot of athletes were very uncomfortable. I even figured if I should go or not.

“But I made a choice to go. And I stood for being a gay person and I had my family there, I had my son and my wife. I didn’t feel like Russia should choose the way I live.

“Even in alpine skiing I think it’s not talked about enough. From the athlete’s side I think it’s really hard to speak up at the Olympics and I think that’s where we have to have changes.”



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