Wednesday, 17 February 2016 00:45

Will The Swiss Constitutionally Ban Marriage Equality?




The Christian Democratic Party of Switzerland attempts to ban marriage equality this month.

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Thursday, 17 December 2015 22:12

Will Slovenia Confirm The Equal Marriage Law?




Since Tuesday, the Slovenes vote to keep or to cancel the equal marriage law passed in March.

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ivan lewis



Labor Member of Parliament Ivan Lewis will require a public vote on the equal marriage.

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australian labor party

Yesterday, I informed you that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused a referendum on equal marriage. It seems that according to the Australian laws, a referendum cannot be organized if it concerns a legislative change, it has to be a constitutional change.

Also, and this is good news, the Labor Party has decided not to wait until the year-end session to introduce its marriage equality bill in parliament. No, they will submit it next week!

Tony Abbott



After the legalization of marriage equality with a referendum in Ireland, many other countries would also be able to organize a referendum on the issue like Australia. For several years now, we know, through numerous polls, that Australians are in favor of equal marriage. But Prime Minister Tony Abbott said again that there would be no referendum on equal marriage in Australia.

Thursday, 22 January 2015 23:13

The Irish Minister For Health Leo Varadkar Came Out

Leo Varadkar




Even if he does not want to campaign for the referendum on equal marriage to be held in Ireland in May, the Minister for Health Leo Varadkar came out, saying he wished to be considered as “an equal citizen".

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Ireland Dublin



We approach the year 2015 and therefore the referendum on equal marriage in Ireland. A new poll shows that support for the bill continues to grow.

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In Slovakia, the president Andrej Kiska has decided to hold a referendum on equal marriage in early 2015.

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There was to be a referendum on the "family protection" law in Slovakia since the Alliance for the Family (AZR) had obtained enough signatures but Slovak President Andrej Kiska preferred that the Constitutional Court first assesses whether the referendum questions are consistent with the country's constitution.

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In Brazil, lawmakers decided to let voters express their support or their opposition to same-sex civil unions in next October.

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