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gaycation japan



Out actress Ellen Page and her friend Ian Daniel went to meet the LGBTQ community around the world and shared their experiences in a series entitled "Gaycation" which is now available.

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2015 support




The support of equal marriage increased further, it has now reached a record level of 59%!

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Federal judge Barbara Crabb said that there would be no delay in the procedure against the marriage equality ban in Wisconsin.

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Whereas many challenges are in hand, a new poll showed that in most states where marriage equality is prohibited, the inhabitants are in majority in favour of its legalization. 

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Toni Atkins



For the first time, a lesbian was elected speaker in the California State Assembly. 

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Secretary of State John Kerry announced that American experts would be sent in Uganda to meet President Yoweri Museveni in order to discuss his anti-gay law.

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 Indiana love sign


There are approximately 45 challenges in the United States and here is one more! Four gay couples launch a challenge in Indiana against the non-recognition of LGBT unions performed in other states. They also ask the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

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washington dc



In Washington, the LGBT Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced at a meeting the creation of a Lesbian Leadership Council to develop the representation and the role of lesbians within the Democratic party.

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So, I have the confirmation I waited concerning the challenges in Colorado. The nine gay and lesbian couples launched a challenge against the marriage equality ban in Colorado. With the result that there are from now on two challenges against this prohibition. 

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