The Iceland’s WOW Airline Will Fly A Completely Pink Plane To Be Named “GAY”


It’s true that in the UK it is not a first. We have seen the rainbow bus, the rainbow pedestrian crossings, it is also found in other countries as the United States, so are we really surprised by “Gay”, the totally pink plane? 🙂

Must also say that the airline has the habit of naming its planes with names like “TF-KID”, “TF-DAD”, “TF-SIS”, also the name of the company itself “WOW” means “MOM” in reverse.

“TF-Gay” is the Airbus A330 which will connect Iceland to San Francisco. The idea for the name came from a pilot who then submitted it to the CEO that loved it. Its name is a clear reference to the gay movement.

As for persons who could have a problem to travel in a pink plane called GAY, here’s what CEO Skùli Mogensen says:

“If I worried or scared of what people might say about me or what I do, then WOW air wouldn’t exist.

“Prejudice and narrow-mindedness are usually the result of ignorance and an inferiority complex. So such views judge themselves.”