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Director Of "Loving Annabelle" Katherine Brooks Needs You To Launch Her New Lesbian Film "Confidential"

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Katherine Brooks


If one of the best lesbian film directors is about to release a new movie, are you ready to help her?

Katherine Brooks wrote and directed one of the best lesbian movies I've seen: "Loving Annabelle". Everything in this film is perfect: the story is original and very well staged, the play of actresses is perfect, we cannot resist to the charms of Erin Kelly, even the music was subtly added to the scenes. So when Katherine contacted me on Facebook to tell me that she was embarking on a new project to tell a lesbian story as she knows so well how, I had to share this news with you.

While "Loving Annabelle" was interested in a relationship between a teacher and her student, "Confidential" will be a feature film that will explore another taboo, a relationship between a psychiatrist and one of her patients.

According to the synopsis, "Evan is a talented young actress who suffers from major depression and anxiety. After a failed suicide attempt, Evan decides to reach out to a gifted young Psychiatrist for help. 

Katherine James is a prestigious Doctor, but is also emotionally shut down. Together these women go through an emotional journey that leads to a connection both can't deny. 

After years together, Evan recovers, but is unable to break free from Katherine. The question of ethics and boundaries comes into play and what each woman is willing to sacrifice for love."

Brooks independently prepares the film, only working with people with the same passion to tell great lesbian stories, but she needs you to help finance the movie: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/KatherineBrooks/movie-loving-annabelle-with-higher-stakes-confiden

"By helping create this movie you are helping support truly INDEPENDENT art. And I thank you for that and I look forward to sharing this movie with you!" - Katherine Brooks

If you have not yet had the pleasure of watching "Loving Annabelle", the film is available here: http://www.lovingannabelle.com/

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