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Follow The Heroines Of "K&A" Karly And Alex In A Mini-Movie Entitled "Gay Camp"

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The characters of Karly and Alex discovered in the web series "K&A" are back in a mini-movie entitled "Gay Camp" pending the second season of the series.

"K&A" is a web series that follows, not without humor, adventures, or rather misadventures of Karly and Alex, two best friends who are always drunk, disorderly, and who are sabotaging their own best efforts to find their independence in Boston.

After a successful first season of "K&A", the team of the series, Thompson Film, composed of LGBTQ and female filmmakers, is looking for financial support to produce season 2 and has subsequently launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.

But until these new episodes, I invite you to discover "Gay Camp", a mini-movie partially subsidized by ITVFest and created by Katie Shannon in which we can follow Karly and Alex in a gay getaway to Dover, Vermont…well... it was initially their plan.

To support the series and allow the creation of a second season, just visit the Indiegogo page here: and for more information on "K&A", visit the official website of the series, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.



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