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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 16:22

"Io E Lei": A Lesbian Romantic Comedy From Italia

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The lesbian romantic comedy of Maria Sole Tognazzi «io e lei» (She and I) is available since October 1. Starring Sabrina Ferilli, a famous actress in Italy, the film will help change attitudes about lesbians in a country where homosexuality is still seen as something wrong and where homosexual relationships are still not recognized.

«It is an important movie that is speaking to society and politicians, and it’s saying that there aren’t rights for gay and lesbian couples,» says Fabrizio Marrazzo, a gay rights campaigner in the group Arcigay.

«Sabrina Ferilli is a real female symbol in Italy. It’s important she has this role so that people understand that lesbians don’t come from another planet,» Marrazzo adds.

Often, films with gay or lesbian characters depict clichés, like the femme lesbian is looking for a butch.

«Io e lei» also has a political aspect. This month, Italians lawmakers will vote to grant or to reject the opening of civil unions for same-sex couples. We saw earlier that Prime Minister Matteo Renzi wants this opening, but faces significant opposition from conservative parties and Catholic groups.

So what does this film tell?

«Io e lei» follows the story of Marina (Sabrina Ferilli) and Federica (Margherita Buy) in couple for five years. Marina, former actress converted in the wine business, always knew she was a lesbian even if it took her a long time to come out. The character is described as a woman of character, but precisely without falling into cliché.

Frederica, meanwhile, is an architect. Previously married to a man and mom, she does not regard herself as a lesbian and is struggling to assert herself in public.

We discover the fragility of the couple when they decide to move in together.

One can easily draw a parallel with the film «The Kids Are Allright» because Maria Sole Tognazzi also wanted to tell the story of this couple in a very simple and very real shot.

Here is the trailer for the movie (sorry but I have not found a version with English subtitles):

The list of theaters where you can see the film in Italy is available here: http://ioeleifilm.it/download/ioeleisale.jpg

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