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Kannada Film Industry To Release For The First Time A Lesbian Movie

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«141» is the name of the first lesbian movie of the Kannada film industry.

First, to understand, Kannada film industry is the one of a state in southern India called Karnataka.

It was not easy to make this movie in this region. In an interview, the director of «141» has shared its difficulties.

«Making this movie was a challenge for me. The Regional Censor Board was completely against my project. First, they refused to clear my title. Then, they did not give me the certificate contending that it was against our culture. I had to approach a revising committee to secure the clearance,» says director Bhavaji.

«Even now, they have not permitted me to use posters extensively to promote the movie. My aim is to expose how the society and the government, who are opposed to lesbianism, which has gained acceptance elsewhere.»

The story of this movie is altogether simple. Two women in a couple, played by actresses Tanya and Kavya, trying to face the wrath of society. «141» aims to bring visibility to lesbians in this region despite the threat of groups.

«I might seek police protection if there is any opposition to film's release. All I want to say to those who are opposing the movie is that it is not an X-rated film. I have tried to capture the sentiments of a lesbian couple and how the society treats them,» he said.

It seems that the movie will be doubled and therefore also available in Telegu and Tamil in addition to the original version in Kannada. «141» is due for release on September 11th.

Here is the trailer full of music and dance like Bollywood films:



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