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Lesbian Superheroine Batwoman Is Back In New Direct-To-Video Animated Superhero Film "Batman: Bad Blood"

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Kate Kane aka Batwoman is first appeared in Batman comics in the 50s before disappearing for several years.

It was finally in 2006 that the fans could find Batwoman again, DC Comics has decided to reintroduce that character but modernizing it. Batwoman was introduced as a lesbian and you could follow her adventures with women without taboos.

In 2010, a series being devoted on her was launched as the success of the character was growing up.

But in 2013, the authors of Batwoman, J.H. Williams et W. Haden Blackman, found themselves in conflict with DC Comics who did not want the character marries her partner, Detective Maggie Sawyer, as "heroes shouldn't have happy personal lives". After that the authors stopped working with DC, audiences immediately dropped and a year later, the series dedicated to Batwoman was stopped.

But she came back and critics are totally delighted at the quality of the character. In addition, she is also back hanging out with Maggie in gay bars.



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