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Tuesday, 22 September 2015 16:45

One Of The Most Popular Characters From The TV Series "Neighbours" Will Soon Have A Relationship With A Woman

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#Spoilers - «Neighbours» is an Australian soap opera aired around the world. We just heard with pleasure that one of the most popular characters in the series, Steph Scully, played by actress Carla Bonner, will not only return to the series in a regular role in October but will have a relationship with a woman named Belinda.

Steph Scully

As reported by Digital Spy, Bonner revealed: «I thought it was a really smart move on the part of the writers and producer. There has always been a little speculation that Steph and Libby had a little thing going. Because of Steph's nature, I really don't think people will be surprised, they just won't be expecting it.

«The way that it has been written, it's very sensitive and certainly not smutty. I'm very happy with how it plays out. If it contributes to normalising same-sex relationships in some way, that's great.»

But this will not be easy for the couple because, as indicated by the actress, Steph «doesn't want Belinda to mess with her head. She knows what she has to do - it feels right for her and it's part of her recovery.

«While Belinda has Steph's best interests at heart, she tries to dictate to her how she should do things and that doesn't feel right for Steph. She needs Belinda to accept how she wants to do things but because Belinda can't, there are major issues.»

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