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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 16:05

Pastor Tomczak Thinks Ellen DeGeneres Hired Taylor Swift To Attract Girls

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Larry Tomczak


The year it was decided to end on a note of humor, hence our article "No To Gay Marriage, No To Big Breasts" and here is a totally absurd news again.

Indeed, the evangelical pastor Larry Tomczak sounds the alarm. This is serious. “The indoctrination and propaganda coming from those advocating a gay lifestyle in our country, classrooms and culture are increasing.” Be careful ladies because Ellen DeGeneres would secretly hire Taylor Swift to attract young girls and turn them into lesbians!

taylor swift ellen degeneres

Tomczak revealed in an article in the Christian Post:

"Here's how Hollywood is promoting homosexuality right now:

  • Super hyped "Empire" series starts with Oscar nominee Terrence Howard having a homosexual son - and he's a hunk.

  • "Glee" features over five gay characters.

  • Home and remodeling reality shows regularly feature lesbians and gays in partnerships exploring homes.

  • "Modern Family" features a gay couple who married over two episodes recently.

  • "Ellen DeGeneres" celebrates her lesbianism and "marriage" in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls.

  • "Dancing with the Stars" hosts a gay judge and gay couples.

  • "Biggest Loser" had lesbian Jillian Michaels as a role model coach.

  • "The Good Wife" now has a lesbian/bisexual investigator.

  • "Scandal" has two gays.

  • "2 1/2 Men" just added a lesbian daughter.

  • "Grey's Anatomy" highlights a lesbian couple with their child.

  • "Survivor" and other reality shows regularly parade homosexuals as contestants.

  • Anderson Cooper boasts openly on TV he'd rather "have sex" with a man plus co-hosts New Year's Eve festivities nationwide."

And we complain of the lack of representation of the LGBTQ community on TV! (lol)

Finally, Mr. Tomczak seems to be well aware of the series and their stories.

Update on January 15, 2015:

Ellen DeGeneres answered the pastor Tomczak in this video:

Photos from thewartburgwatch.com and bizlocallistings.com

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