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Friday, 13 March 2015 17:03

Season 1 Of "The Returned" Began In The United-States As The Season 2 Of "Les Revenants" Is Scheduled For This Fall In France

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While we look forward to season 2 of «Les Revenants», which will air this fall on Canal + in France, the US remake «The Returned» has just started to be broadcast on A&E.

«Les Revenants» and «The Returned» tell the story of a group of people who had died and suddenly come back to life as if nothing had happened.
They don't know each other, they all have a different story and age, they didn't die the same year or in the same way, but one night they come back with no memory of their dead, they don't even know that they are dead for several years.

The French version includes a lesbian story, the US version will also include this story!

In addition, good news, as the director of «The Returned» has already stated in an interview, the lesbian story might be more developed in the US remake than in the French version, but from season 2.

Indeed, for the moment, the season 1 of «The Returned» is a kind of «copy-paste» of the French version. There will be no surprise to hope for those who have watched the French series.

Nevertheless, it seems that the two series will follow their own destinies from Season 2. So, for the same project, the same story, we now have two lesbian stories to enjoy!

Until the season 2 of «Les Revenants» is broadcast, here's the first teaser of the series:

Also, here is the trailer of «The Returned»:

Photo from Purebreak.com, credits: Canal+ and A&E

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