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Friday, 30 October 2015 16:46

"Still A Rose": A Very LGBT Romeo And Juliet

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still a rose


The short film "Still A Rose" by writers and filmmakers Kyle Hasday and Matt Stewart (Hazart) resumed the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony scene but in an extremely original version.

Indeed, this scene, taken from the Romeo and Juliet play by William Shakespeare we all know, is resumed here in different ways. Romeo and Juliet are both portrayed in the guise of a man or a woman, they are in turn black or white, straight or gay, what matters in this short film is love, and no matter whether this love is between two opposite-sex people or two same-sex people, love is love.

Thus we find actress Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars) and Will Branske in the role of Juliet while Brandon Crowder and Tinuke Oyefule plays the character of Romeo.

"Still A Rose" has been screened at the LGBT film festival NewFest in New York, please visit the Facebook page for more screening dates.

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