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Thursday, 12 February 2015 15:41

Support "Girl On Girl: An Original Documentary" A Film By Jodie Savitz Which Gives Visibility To Femme Lesbians

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Girl on girl documentory


I already told you about the film of Jodie Savitz «Girl On Girl: an original documentary» that focuses on femme lesbians and on invisibility which they are subject in our community and, in general, in the society.

Jodie Savitz

Savitz launches a new fundraising campaign to finish the project in order to give visibility to our community, especially to femme lesbians, through festivals and others.

It is important that each group or subgroup of the LGBTQ community is highlighted. Personally, I find femme lesbians beautiful, but imagine yourself be taken for a straight girl every day of your life, imagine if you had to repeat, again and again, that yes, you're a lesbian! This film is an opportunity to give them a voice because they are also out and proud as we all, tomboys, butches,... are.

In this video, Jodie Savitz and Lauren Russell Beford (The Real L Word) explain why this movie is so important and what they will do with your money.

This is a very big project that has already been covered by a lot of media in the community like Lezbelib, but the potential of this film is so big that it needs, of course, more funding, so don't hesitate and support Jodie in her approach, every dollar counts: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/girl-on-girl-a-film-about-lesbian-visibility

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