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The Co-Creator Of "Sense8" Reveals Some Information About Season 2

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We have started to see what could happen in season 4 of «Orange Is The New Black», it is now the turn of the series «Sense8» to unveil its first little secrets about the second season.

In an interview with Assignment XAssignment X, the co-creator of «Sense8» J. Michael Straczynski has revealed that two sensitive persons were not «naturally good people» and that their true identity could not be revealed failing to train a conflict with the Sense8s.

«Some of them will be more [attuned to the commonality of being in a cluster], some will say, «I’m hiding out, don’t reveal me,» the value of not being seen. So not all Sense8s will be naturally good people. Some people with that ability might not be the best people. So there’s a whole range of them,» he said.

One of the questions that fans of the series began to ask was whether other clusters, like the one we know, exist. Straczynski said that perhaps other groups would appear:

«Yes, there are other clusters out there, and if there were to be a second season [he said before the series was renewed for a second season], we might be meeting them.»

However, we know that new characters will emerge, but we still don't know the premiere date of this season 2.



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