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The Lesbian Film "Enigma Of Being Awake" Puts Art At The Center Of A Love Story Between Two Women

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Ania Catherine Samira Mahboob


Now, there is much talk about movies that are coming out this year, as «Carol» or «Freeheld», which is quite normal, but already 2016 will also be a year with excellent lesbian films including «Enigma of Being Awake».

enigma of being awake still

By director Emmeline Kim, «Enigma of Being Awake» tells a love story between two women, between two artists. Teenager Charlie Ali aka Amar (from the word «Quamar» meaning moon) was a rebellious artist who painted radical messages with spray in the streets of Cairo and Berlin, but she dreamed of continuing her artistic career in New York. 13 years later, she became a renowned artist and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. During a tour through the United States, she met Lux Bernal (Ania Catherine) in Los Angeles, a choreographer who will change her life forever.

«Enigma of Being Awake» was created two years ago following a first collaboration between director Emmeline Kim and Ania Catherine, a dance-artist and choreographer of many talents, when they worked on the short film «Dear Sappho».

Then Ania met Samira Mahboub, who plays Charlie Ali, in studies of gender policy and gender communication at the London School of Economics. The duo is currently forming «Samania» that you can follow on Instagram and who is currently working on a series of photos entitled «Face».

  «ENIGMA is for all the feminists, lesbians, straight girls, queer folk and women out there who want to see films about women told by women,» Kim said.

«Enigma of Being Awake» promises to be one of the hit films that will mark 2016 but nevertheless it needs you.   Unlike the two movies named above, «Enigma of Being Awake» is not funded by big movie studios but by you. So if you want this story to be told and this film to become a reality, don't hesitate to support it:

Discover a little more about «Enigma of Being Awake» and women behind the project:

I had the opportunity to discover the work of Ania Catherine as a dance-artist and choreographer with a video she sent me via Twitter. This is another way of seeing the fine line between friends & lovers in female relationships. You can watch it on Vimeo ( It's really very original and very inspiring.

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