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Tuesday, 03 November 2015 17:17

"Where We Are On TV" Report: The Representation Of LGBTQ Women On Television Improves In 2015

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GLAAD has just released its annual report entitled "Where we are on TVWhere we are on TV" on the LGBTQ representation on broadcast and cable networks and on streaming content providers and here are the results that are rather going in the right direction this year.

The representation of lesbians increased by five points compared to the previous year with 23 lesbian characters offered by broadcast networks, but the LGBT characters account for only 4% of the characters in primetime programs and there is no transgender character. The bisexual representation is also improving by eight points on television.

Fox series "Empire" is considered the most inclusive series with many gay, bisexual and lesbian characters.

  Cable networks, meanwhile, have 31 characters are lesbian, 32 characters are bisexual women and 2 characters are transgender women.

This is a good result, but the number of lesbian characters fell by three points. However, unlike broadcast networks, cable networks offer more recurring LGBTQ characters. The networks that stand out are, as every year, Showtime and ABC Family.

For the first time, GLAAD also examined streaming content providers like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu which bring many characters of LGBTQ women.

21 lesbian characters, including a transgender lesbian character, 9 bisexual women and 4 transgender women represent our community on streaming content providers.

Among the series listed by GLAAD as the most inclusive one, there are "Transparent" (Amazon), "Coronation Street" (Hulu), "Orange Is the New Black" and "Sense8" (Netflix).

The results are rather positive overall, despite everything, when we look into the details, we regret the small number of bisexual and transgender women characters.

The report also highlights the lack of racial diversity. There is not a lot of LGBTQ characters of color.

  Networks therefore still have progress to make. The change occurs through streaming content providers that bring us more and more series including LGBTQ characters.

The performance is better this year, let's hope that next year will provide even more LGBTQ characters and series.


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