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Your Help Is Needed To Bring To The Screen A Trilogy Of Lesbian Short Films

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the day that she died




I used to talk about lesbian movies and this time, not one but three films in question! Indeed, writer and director Sabra Wrice and producer and actress Rose-Emma Lunderman began work on a trilogy of lesbian short films whose first part entitled «The Day That She Died» was successfully funded and filmed. So missing only «History of Silence» and the final «Playing Love».

The team has again launched a fundraising campaign to bring to the screen this beautiful and moving story.

In the first part «The Day That She Died», we discover two women, Sam and Bailey, secretly in couple for four years. Bailey (Rose-Emma Lunderman) decides to come out and to talk about her relationship with her father, politician fiercely opposing LGBT rights and marriage equality.

But when Bailey agrees to come out, she follows through on a life changing decision. Sam (Stacey Raymond) finds herself alone and completely devastated.

Watch the trailer for this first extremely touching short film «The Day That She Died»:

The idea then is to have a flashback in part «History of Silence» that will focus on Bailey's cousin, Megan (Suzannah Herschkowitz), who also dated women. This will understand why Bailey has not yet made her coming out and will highlight her fears.

Finally, in the final film «Playing Love», which promises to be the saddest part, we discuss the final moments before the Bailey's death. This will also be the opportunity to discover other characters that revolve around Bailey and that will influence her decision to come out.

The fundraising campaign is available here: Every dollar counts.

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