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Lesbian Mothers Challenging Michigan Marriage Equality Ban Have To Wait U.S. Supreme Court Decision


 April DeBoer family

We will have to wait to know the decision of the Federal Judge about the case of two lesbian mothers who would hope to jointly adopt their children and who challenge the marriage equality ban as well as the prohibition of civil unions in Michigan.

We already spoke about it on several occasions, we know that the United-States' Supreme Court has to make a decision about the marriage equality ban in California and on two cases challenging DOMA.

Its decision will be made during the month and a lot of judges wait it before also making their own decision on challenges of prohibitions of marriage equality in their state.

Federal Judge Bernard Friedman is one of these judges who prefer to wait before deciding on the case of Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer.
Rowse and DeBoer, together for 13 years, have been obliged to choose only one legal relative for their children because of the non-recognition of their union.

"I lose the right to make medical decisions for my boys," DeBoer says. "I can't enroll my boys in school. I am on an emergency card at school — I am listed as just an emergency contact person. I am not a parent. I am nothing."

And the worst, as reports NPR, is that if Rowse were to die, DeBoer would have to go to court to try to adopt the two boys.

And so, they are from now on representatives of the Michigan's LGBT community and try to repeal the constitutional ban of marriage equality and civil unions adopted in 2004.

Michigan is regarded as the worst state for the community since it has the most restrictive laws for same-sex couples.

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    • Guest (Tricia)

      I live in Michigan and i can contribute to this by saying that i wholeheartedly agree with these women's approach. I know my girlfriend and I would love to be wed in the state we've both grown up in. I hope this goes through so that one day my (future) marriage will be recognized and there will be no complications like this with our children.

      from Michigan, USA
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