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Military Insurance Now Takes Into Account Trans* People

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A new policy has been put in place that will improve a little bit the life of transgender people.

Last June, the Ministry of Defense announced that transgender people could now serve in the army, which has subsequently enabled at the same time access to health benefits until then impossible. But the problem of insurance not taking over the care, such as hormone treatments, or other counsellings received by trans people remained.

Thanks to a change in access to insurance in the US military, which has just taken effect, there are thousands of trans* people who can easier improve their lives.

Only gender reassignment surgeries are not covered for members of extended family members or retirees.

A Pentagon spokesman said that federal legislation from 1980 prohibits military insurance to cover surgery for "sex gender changes." It is stated in the law that the defense secretary can make exceptions for members in active-duty members but not military dependents or retirees.

Nevertheless, Harper Jean Tobin,policy director for the National Centre for Transgender Equality, said the Minister of Defense misinterpreting the law and that there is actually no question of sex change surgery but aesthetic surgery.




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