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Thursday, 14 April 2016 23:34

US Appeals Court Ruled That Puerto Rico Could Not Ban Marriage Equality

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A few weeks ago, there has been a judge of Puerto Rico who had upheld the marriage equality ban, whereas the decision of the Supreme Court did not include US territories such as Puerto Rico as the world "territory" does not appear in the text.

However, a U.S. appeals court considered that the interpretation of the law was totally false and US territories were included in the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States so Puerto Rico therefore cannot ban equal marriage.

Moreover, marriage for same-sex couples was signed by the Governor of Puerto Rico just a few days after the decision of the Supreme Court in June 2015.

Besides, a few days after the decision of the federal judge to keep the ban, you must know that the same governor of Puerto Rico bluntly told its citizens not to take into account the judge's decision and stick to his Ordinance legalizing equal marriage in Puerto Rico.

The US territory now also allows the adoption by same-sex couples.

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