US Primaries – The Boo-Boo: Ted Cruz Features An Actress Of “Lesbian” Adult Films In A Campaign Video

In the Republican clan, the battle raged for these primary with LGBTophobes insults. I think that I have never heard so much LGBTophobes insults in so little time. We will pass these comments to be focused on Ted Cruz’s boo-boo.

Indeed, his latest campaign video called “Conservatives Anonymous” embarrassed him since it portrays a porn star actress who uses to play in “lesbian” sex scenes.

This video is a little criticism of other candidates like Marco Rubio, in which we can see a group of people, influding porn actress Amy Lindsay, who starred in movies including “Sex Sent Me To The ER” or “Carnal Wishes” and who describes herself as a Republican and a Christian conservative.

The ad was immediately removed and the Cruz’s press secretary Catherine Frazier assured that they do not knowingly hire porn actors. It seems that the campaign team has forgotten to check the identity of the actress. A little research on Google could have quickly avoided the problem.

You have not had the chance to watch the video, here it is: