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"America In Transition": A New Documentary Web Series To Highlight Stories Of Transgender People

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A major project of documentary on transgender people is in preparation.

The Trans Oral History Project (TOHP), one of the oldest organizations of transgender people, will launch a new documentary web series entitled «America In TransitionAmerica In Transition» (AIT) highlighting trans people of color and trans folks in rural communities. This documentary will share positive stories of transgender people who will serve as models for others across the United States.

«America in Transition is inspired by my experience coming out and seeking community as a youth in rural Vermont. I had questions about everything from health care access to navigating familial relationships, but no one to ask,» says TOHP founder and AIT Director Andre Perez.

«Without role models or institutional support, I felt like I had to come to Chicago to find myself. AIT is working towards a world where people feel like they don't have to leave their communities to be who they are.»

The first season of «America in Transition» will feature six completely different people answering several important questions like «How did your hometown shape you?»,«What is the most important relationship in your life?» or «Where do you belong now?».

AIT also believes to develop an application to bring more online help and resources.

A fund campaign was launched to start shooting the first three episodes. If you want to give a helping hand, it's here:



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