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Girl/Girl Scene Season 2 Premiere Date


Girlgirl Scene Season 2




The wait is almost over! Tucky Williams announces Girl/Girl Scene Season 2 premiere date.

girl girl scene tuckyThe series, created by Tucky Williams (read our interview of Tucky here: Lezbelib Interview With Girl/Girl Scene Creator Tucky Williams), will debut on Monday, July 16 online via, and on Girl/Girl Scene’s official website

The highly anticipated second season of the hit web series promises to be raunchier, sexier and more thrilling than ever.  

Girl/Girl Scene (GGS) will certainly look different this season with a distinctively new signature high-production quality ahead of most web-series, as well as new characters and even more provocative and controversial story-lines. With Kayden Kross, American adult entertainment industry actress, joining the cast, and Abisha Uhl from the band Sick of Sarah returning as a series regular, GGS is definitely heating things up this season.

In the meantime, fans have been given a glimpse at the season premiere with an exclusive trailer providing a look ahead into what's in store for our beloved characters (see our article: Girl/Girl Scene: Season 2 Trailer).

Based on the lives and loves of four young friends, GGS boldly goes where no other shows has gone before – between the sheets and into the minds and hearts of unapologetically queer women in America. But underlying the many shocking and controversial moments is an important drama exploring the intoxicating extremes of modern day life and love. GGS delivers an original brand of online TV series that offers a genuine, petulant, raw, bold and blunt reflection of today’s young lesbian culture.

Refreshingly non-judgmental and atypical in its embrace of stereotype, with its sometimes funny, always provocative (and brutally realistic) storylines, GGS is a vibrant, and honest reflection of today’s young lesbian culture and what it means to be a lesbian in middle America - an online TV series that, episode after episode, is taking on more cultural resonance with audiences around the world.

GGS Season II Episode One:

Evan is back!  Your favorite bad girl returns for another wild and sexy season of Girl/Girl Scene.  After being shot in last year’s cliffhanger ending, Evan rises from the dead to raise some hell.  This time she has new friends – seductive call-girl Avery, loveable stoner Bender, and mysterious stranger Ling.  Drama and laughter ensue as this group of hot young lesbians struggle to untangle their complicated and increasingly intertwining love lives.  Curious?

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