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"Her Story", A New Romantic Series On Trans And Queer Women

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The six episodes of the romantic trans and queer series "Her Story" is now available on the web.

Directed by Sydney Freeland and co-written by Laura Zak and Jen Richards, "Her Story" is described as "a series that looks inside the dating lives of trans & queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire & identity."

It follows two transgender women, Violet and Paige, who lost confidence in love, but who may well change their minds. One day, Violet, waitress, meets Allie, a lesbian journalist who wants to interview her. As for Paige (Angelica Ross), she met James (Christian Ochoa).

"Her Story" is a series very well written and full of realism that portrays writer and actress Jen Richards, who was a lawyer and has done a lot for the trans community in recent years, and writer, actress, producer and activist Laura Zak, we already know since she starred in the series "#Hashtag" produced and broadcast on Tellofilms.

Here is the first episode of "Her Story". The series can be viewed in full here:

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