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King Is A Fink To Launch The New Lesbian Web Series "Full Out" In January

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Julie Keck and Jessica King have already offered many great lesbian web series like "The Throwaways", "#Hashtag", "I Hate Tommy Finch", and many others through their production company King Is A Fink or with Tellofilms. In January, the team will do it again by launching "Full Out", a web series not to be missed!

"Full Out" follows Claire, a closeted former ballerina trying to get back on stage for one final leap after a serious injury. She will face many obstacles, including loud and out Taylor; Xan, the power hungry woman; and protective Max.

The series highlights two dancers from Chicago: Jess Duffy and Kaitlin Webster, who plays the roles of Claire and Taylor.

Nana Visitor from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and Kaitlyn Alexander you have probably seen in the series "Carmilla" are also part of the cast of "Full Out".

The series will air at the end of January on the OpenTVOpenTV platform that brings new broadcasting space for projects of female filmmakers, queer creators, and artists of color. You will find "Full Out" right here:

Meanwhile the first episode, here's the trailer:

For more information on King Is A Fink and their projects, visit: -



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