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Most Popular Lesbian Web Series "Easy Abby" Is Almost Back For Season 2

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"Easy Abby" is one of the web's most popular series of the moment. Season 1 has gathered over 30 million views on YouTube, which is probably a record for a lesbian web series!

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"Easy Abby", just as irresistible as funny, follows the adventures of Abby in her conquest toward love. Women's meetings follow one another without problems, but she struggles to find a woman with whom she could envisage a future.

She begins to dream, and we too, that Danielle (Mouzam Makkar) might be the right one, but the beautiful Danielle flew to Italy at the end of Season 1.

Given the success of Easy Abby and despite a small budget, writer/director Wendy Jo Carlton has already completed the first four episodes of season 2, but she would like to release eight more episodes in order to continue this great adventure. For this, Wendy Jo has launched a campaign on Indiegogo with super prizes, see for yourself:

Considering what Wendy Jo told us about season 2, it would be a shame to miss this! In fact, we managed to gather a few information about this new season:

Lezbelib: What can we expect in Easy Abby season 2?

Wendy Jo: Abby is depressed for the first time on her life after Danielle goes back to Italy and ger best friend Sarah moves to Santa Cruz for grad school. Then we meet her Mom, Marilyn, who is bipolar and Abby has to snap out of her funk to support her Mom. Abby meets a new girl, Alicia, while waiting in the psych ward and Alicia starts to pursue Abby despite her lack of interest at first.

Lezbelib: How will evolve the character of Abby?

Wendy Jo: Abby will have to figure out what holds her back from her dream of living in Costa Rica, and her reluctant participation in Group Therapy will lead her to some progress. That and Danielle showing up in Chicago by surprise!

Lezbelib: Will she finally find love?

Wendy Jo: Abby will find the courage to follow her travel and adventure dreams, after an evening with Danielle and an unforseen betrayal by a friend that wakes her out of her avoidance trance! So, yes!

In addition, there will be great guest stars in this new season as Guinevere Turner (The L Word, Itty Bitty Titty Committee), Anna Albelo (Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf?) and Marga Gomez (Batman Forever).

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