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Out With Dad Returns With Anticipated Fourth Season

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Out With Dad returns with the debut of its forth season teaser episode 4.00 «Awkward Moment with Dad».

The short episode concludes with the message «new episode every month», heralding a different approach to the production and distribution of this narrative web series. As outlined on the official website's «When is the next episode?» page, the traditional approach has been to block write, film and edit all episodes of a season at once. Fans are eager to see more, and don't want to wait. The creators of Out With Dad are responding by producing Season 4 episodes on a monthly basis.

To help jump-start the season, the cast and crew volunteered to produce the first episode, and the short teaser episode which debuted late last night. Episode 4.01 «Drinks with Dad» will go online to the public on May 14th.

Season 4 will be financed by the audience on a monthly basis, by using Patreon - the crowdfunding platform that enables fans to become patrons of the arts. Fans of Out With Dad can pledge a monthly amount to support the production, and they will be charged on a monthly basis.  Patrons of Out With Dad will get special access to the Patreon feed where they will receive insider information, watch episodes early, exclusive on-set video messages and photos, download scripts, participate in live commentary recordings, see their name in the end credits and more. For specific details about perks for patrons, visit the Patreon page at:

Teaser Episode «Awkward Moment with Dad» Created, Written and Directed by Jason Leaver

Rose (Kate Conway) and her dad (Jonathan Robbins) are grabbing a pint together, when a cute waitress catches her attention… no harm in that, right?

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