Out With Dad: Rose’s Video Diary #4 'My Pen-Pal Penny'
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Out With Dad: Rose’s Video Diary #4 'My Pen-Pal Penny'


out with dad diary 4



We first heard Rose mention her pen-pal in the second season finale. She’s a little behind writing back, because she’s stuck on a few things. Maybe you can give her advice?




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Guest (Jan)
Checkout some stories of men who got dumped by their girlfriends. Maybe you...
I am sure Pflugerville will attract very good teachers who will have their ...
Guest (Sandy Golson)
Why can't Pflugerville not attract good teachers with trational values? Ne...
Guest (G isard)
Agree eeek are amazing! Saw them at L Fest and in London, superb. They are ...
God Bless POTUS! The hate waves are fading and GLBTQ people's civil rights...

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