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Rose responds with fear and anger to news article she recently read online "Bullied Catholic student speaks out"; about an out lesbian student in Windsor, Ontario who is being bullied by her religion teacher and is threatened with a lawsuit for speaking out.

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With a first full season already available online and growing success, the creators of "Into girls," Faulkner Allocco and Jin Kim, two students from New York, hope to launch a second season to change the image of queer women.

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Rose may have discovered something her dad has been keeping from her for some reason. Have you ever caught someone keeping a secret from you?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 16:40

Season 2 Of Hilarious Web Series "LIPS" Is Coming

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lips web series

LIPS is a web series described as a hilarious rockumentory or a comedy which follows a rock band dreaming of success. It's a kind of behind the scene of the band around which friendships, love stories, new meetings, dramas are interwoven.

out with dad diary 5 Rose is feeling quite inspired! She and Claire just walked home from school and all they talked about was amazing out and proud women. They spoke of Kathleen WynneKathleen Wynne (Ontario’s first female premier), Jóhanna SigurðardóttirJóhanna Sigurðardóttir the prime minister of Iceland, and Julie d’AubignyJulie d’Aubigny – a 17th-century swordswoman, actor, singer and out bisexual.

It’s super cute how Rose is engaged, but she is still trying to find her bravery. "The bravery will come", said David at Rose’s first PFLAG meeting. His words still stand out to her.

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