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RED: The new web series with talented and beautiful actresses that you should watch

Written by  Rachel Paulson

red web series


When I first clicked the play button to start watching the Brazilian web series "Red" I didn't know what to expect, and when I finished I thought to myself not only do I want more. But why aren't American webisodes this good? It's pretty, real pretty, and the acting is good, no great. They are only four episodes in, and it's got my thinking about what will happen to the characters more than once since I've watched the show.

Ana Paula Lima

The story is this: It's a show within a show per say, the story takes place surrounding two actresses shooting a movie, one lesbian (Liz) and one straight woman who is in a relationship (Mel.) I take it from the episodes I've watched that the movie they are shooting in the show has them playing love interests, or at least really close friends. During the filming of this faux film, the lesbian actress is clearly falling for her opposite lead. Liz and Mel are clearly friends, but based on a business relationship only, until someone who works on the film (Eric) invites them to go out with him. He has obviously asked before with no success. This time the girls say yes, and with rounds of tequila shots in them, Eric confesses his love for Liz, and Mel states that she's unhappy sometimes, but that feeling makes her feel guilty cause she seems to have everything she needs in life. During this conversation, Liz sides with her, and makes her feel better about her choices, and thoughts. There is clearly a connection between the woman, but nothing really happens beyond that. Mel's best friend, picks her up from the bar that night, and tells her that a friend of her boyfriend used to date Liz and that she's crazy, a lesbian and used to have a very sordid past of drugs and alcohol. This is the first time we see Liz stick up for Mel in a way that seems more than friendly.

Luciana Bollina

They also leave us with a cliff hanger, at the end of the fourth episode, Mel is about to have what seems to be a birthday party, that Liz and Eric are helping to plan with her. Liz gets a mysterious call from what seems to be a lover and steps out of the room to talk to her on the phone, asking the person on the other end if they are "in Town" and calling them "Little devil" Mel seems very concerned about this conversation, and seems to want to know more. Then the last scene (which I won't give away, you'll have to watch) clearly shows she wants more.

The actors are really talented and beautiful, Mel, played by Luciana Bollima and Liz, played by Ana Paula Lima are both honest and real. It's artistically shot, it's well written (if the translations are correct) and there is something dark and sexy to the character Liz that I can't wait to become exposed. I truly can't wait for more and will watch when they release episodes for our viewing pleasure.

The production team is currently raising funds for the next few episodes on indigogo. Donate and check out the goods here:

Episode 1: (Click on "CC" for English subtitles)


Watch more episodes here:

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