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'Straight Up Gay', A Will & Grace Web Series For Lesbians


 straight up gay Whereas the visibility of our community is not going very well on television, projects continue to start on internet.


Here a new web series called Straight Up Gay which would like to do for lesbians what Will & Grace did for gay dudes ten years ago, because we’re worth it, too.


Created by Alison Levering Wong and Brenden Gallagher, Straight Up Gay is a comedy about two best friends: Brenden, a straight guy, and Alison, a gay girl learning about gender identity, sexuality, best kombucha-making practices, and organic food cooperatives.


Straight Up Gay explores the often kooky world of lesbians,offering a lighthearted look at our lives and inviting us to take the chance and laugh at ourselves.


Alison and Brenden would like to develop a season of five episodes but currently have the first episode only. They need you for the rest. You could win a love note and shout outs on Facebook and Twitter, be invited to the release party, or win some other special gifts: Raising funds for the new Web Series, Straight Up Gay!


Twitter: @Straight_up_gay

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thanks for sharing it is very nice post.
Guest (ria)
thanks for sharing it is very nice post.
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