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Tuesday, 23 June 2015 17:04

The Lesbian Web Series "Red" Is Back For A Second Season Even More Exciting Than The First One

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«Red» is a Brazilian web series (subtitles are available in English and Spanish) which tells the story of two actresses who meet on the set of a movie. Liz (Ana Paula Lima) was rather the reputation of a lesbian heart-breaker and Mel (Luciana Bollina) is a married woman, in principle happy with her husband. But more filming progresses, more an attraction between the two women is growing. They still try to resist each other.

After watching the first four episodes of the second season, I can already tell you that it is even better than the first season. There are an attraction and a sexual tension between the two women, which are first remarkably written by Viv Schiller and Germana Belo and beautifully directed by Fernando Belo, and which are finely played by Ana Paula Lima and Luciana Bollina, the two main roles.

If you have not watched this series yet, give it a chance because it is really one of the best web series of the moment.

Here is the first episode of this second season:

S2 EP 1 - Bebidas e uma Confissão II from RED Webseries - Brasil on Vimeo.

Season 1 and of course the episodes of the season 2 are available on vimeo:

You can also find «Red» and its team on Facebook and Twitter.



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