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Watch Episode 5 Of The Lesbian Web Series "Out with Dad"

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A new episode of the award-winning lesbian web series «Out with Dad» is available!

Written, produced and directed by Jason Leaver, «Out with Dad» is a series that features a lesbian teenager Rose and her father. Through its episodes, the series covers all the important topics a young lesbian may face, both in her school and in her family.

In this new episode of season 4 entitled «Smores with Dad,» Rose (Kate Conway) and her father Nathan (Jonathan Robbins) go camping. While they enjoy the beautiful scenery in the Muskoka region in Ontario, memories of Vanessa (Lindsey Middleton) rise to the surface.

Season 4 is entirely funded by Out With Dad fans. If you want to be one of the proud producers of the series, you can become a patreon by visiting www.patreon.com/outwithdad or www.outwithdad.com/whenisthenextepisodewww.outwithdad.com/whenisthenextepisode for more information.

And for more episodes, visit the official site of «Out with Dad»: http://www.outwithdad.com/http://www.outwithdad.com/




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