Coming Out at Work?
2013 Dinah
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Coming Out at Work?


coming out


Dear Sappho,

What about coming out at work? When people ask if I am in a relationship should I tell them the truth? People from other cultures seem to be especially distraught to find I don't have a man at home. Or should I just lie and let them believe that my partner is a man? I am torn between true to myself and making peace with a homophobic society.

Shy and Sly


Dear Shy and Sly,

Be true to yourself and you will not be false to any one. There are sexual harassment laws and privacy acts that will help protect you at work. However it is good not to over-reveal yourself to bigots. Homophobia is a sexually transmitted disease. They may still misunderstand you. Look at my poetry, destroyed by zealots and mistranslated by others. They changed my she's to he's and girls to boys. What can you do?

Protect your hearts secret from fools who do not understand LOVE. But do be true to yourself. Please.

Truly yours,


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