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Emilie Wapnik Helps You To Embrace Your Multipotentiality

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Emilie Wapnik


Queer author, entrepreneur, artist, consultant and coach Emilie Wapnik has tried to find herself during a long time before to realize that plurality is a strength, not a weakness.


In September 2010, Emilie Wapnik launched to gather the multipotentiality community to share her experience and help others to embrace their multipotential plurality.

"I wanted to share the tools and resources I’d learned, which allow me to integrate all of my interests into my life– everything from productivity techniques to confidence building, dealing with naysayers, building a business around your passions, and designing a real life that matches your ideal life," she explains.

"I want multipotentialites to stop beating themselves up about being unable to find their "one true calling" or fit into a box. I want them to see that their diverse background and insatiable curiosity isn’t some huge failing, but that there’s a very good reason for it…

"Not only is your multipotentiality not a curse, but you can actually use it as fuel for your life and income. Once you stop fighting your scanner nature and embrace it, you’ll find yourself working on projects that are deeply meaningful. You’ll feel a sense of purpose that you never thought possible."

It is likely that you ask yourself this question: "What is a multipotential person?" To simply explain, multipotential people have different and boundless interests and cannot be limited as one professional activity.

Everything always begins with the same question: "What do you want to do later?"

In high school, things are accelerating, we are asked to what studies we are heading, what is the job that we want to do? We must make a choice, but for multipotential people this is probably the worst time because society asks us to choose only one way.

As Emilie says in her video below, yes, we can be a psychologist and a professional musician. The society generally still push some to ask: "Is she more psychologist or a musician?” or to think that her job is a psychologist and she is a musician in her spare time. But no. You can have two jobs. (Be careful not to confuse with those who have two jobs for economic reasons.)

"To stifle your puttylike nature is a crime, not just in terms of limiting your own potential, but to society as a whole. As multipotentialites, we must use our gift to innovate. It’s in our genes," she says.

"Innovation is the reason you’ve been blessed with this trait, and it’s what you’ve been called on to do. Never forget that."

I leave you with Emilie to better understand the multipotentiality:

For more information, visit, it has many really interesting posts that will help you better understand who you are. I personally loved "The 7 multipotentialite super powersThe 7 multipotentialite super powers", "Why you should track your small winsWhy you should track your small wins" or "The Selfish ArtistThe Selfish Artist". I have not read everything yet, but you understand that this site is a wealth of resources.
Emily also offers to help you launch your business through a series of counseling sessions.

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