The Ali Forney Center Still Needs You
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The Ali Forney Center Still Needs You


 Ali Forney Center



After Sandy, the Ali Forney center, which help homeless young LGBTQ people in New York, devastated, was successful thanks to generosity to collect the funds necessary to replace what had been lost and to find a new home. It stills remains a lot to do and each day new young people need assistance.

The Ali Forney center, that you can discover in My Address Look at Gay Youth Homelessness with Kate Moennig (Shane in The L Word) and directed by Gigi Nicolas, gives a home to young LGBTQ's that their family threw out. They thus find a home, education and the assistance to be reintegrated in the society.

The center wishes from now on to also be opened during the night in order to be able to help even more young people and the center needs you.

As written on their website, the center will face the challenge of the loss of federal funding for 21 of its shelter beds next summer.

Donate to the Ali Forney center and help LGBTQ youth to have a bed, to be in a safety place and not in the streets and so that to escape prostitution:


My Address Look at Gay Youth Homelessness:

episode 1:

episode 2:

episode 3:

episode 4:

episode 5:

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