Women Spouses Challenge Indiana Birth Certificate Law



Eight married lesbian couples oppose Indiana law deemed discriminatory because it prevents the two mothers to be listed on the birth certificate of their children.

Recently, a federal judge in Indianapolis had heard their case and had thus decided that adoption could be made, but the partner who had not given birth to the child had to go through a very expensive procedure of adoption, something obviously we do not ask to heterosexual fathers.

These couples therefore think this law is totally discriminatory and ask to be treated in the same way as other couples of the state.

According to LGBT-rights group Lambda Legal, women spouses can have their names listed on their children’s birth certificate in the states of Iowa, Kansas and Utah. We are still waiting to see, therefore, in Indiana and also in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, who is in charge of the case in Indiana, has not yet specified date so we do not know when will she make her decision.